2005 Lexus E330 Acceleration


When driving slow, like slowing for a signal, then accelerating, there is a hesitation. Lexus claims it is the electronic (drive by wire) accelerator. e.g., it takes time for the signal to reach the carb. Any thoughts?


it takes time for the signal to reach the carb. Any thoughts?

That is true, but it is just like turning on a light bulb. It is far less than you could notice. Their excuse is bogus! I don’t know if it is normal or not, I would expect not, but the need a new more believable excuse. I have driven drive by wire and I have never noticed any delay.


Whoever gave you that explanation is…I’ll try to be charitable…technologically impaired. Besides the fact that the time lag should not be noticeable, your car is fuel-injected–hence it does not have a carburetor (nor have any other cars sold in the US market for many years).

If someone at the Lexus dealership stated that this car has a carburetor, you might want to ask him to point out this device to you. And then, after he makes a fool of himself, proceed to ignore his statements evermore.

I suggest that you contact customer relations at Lexus regarding your problem.


Find a good independent toyota shop and have them diagnose this thing. You are getting the “they all do that, it’s normal” answer because they don’t want to be bothered troubleshooting your issue.

Either that or the electrons they installed in your car were much too slow.