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Hesitation in 1997 Mercedes E420

I purchased a 1997 E420 a year ago. Occasionally when I accelerate there is a delay. If you keep it pushed there is no problem, as soon as it released and you attempt to accelerate again there is a delay. Initially it would correct itself by turning the care off and then back. But now it won’t go away.

I have asked a dealership to look at it, they didn’t really know.

Most larger cities will have at least one independent MB mechanic. I suggest you seek their help.

Thank you, I did also attempt that. They changed out the brake light switch, no luck there.

I have the same car and i’m getting the same problem lately, again:( I had it looked at a year ago and it was fixed for a while. I’ll look at my bill and see what they did. i seem to remember it was a oxygen sensor. My recommendation to you is to look on Angie’s List or talk to someone you know who’s always owned mercedes or who own’s an older model that’s in good shape and ask them where they go. Often you’ll find a few good Mercedes service shops in every city. The dealer will kill you on price. Good luck. I’ll get back to you when i look at my bill.

PS. I know me car was well cared for from the time it was new 'til them time i got it a few years ago - It belonged to my Dad :smiley: