Lexus RX-350 downshift lag

My 2008 RX-350 transmission hesitates before downshifting after I’ve slowed almost to a stop then accelerated again–not a long time, but noticably longer than most any other car I’ve driven. Dealer says, naturally, that it’s “normal,” but it’s really annoying. Any one else with the problem?

Yes! I have the same car and the same problem. After slowing to a stop, or nearly stopping, and then accelerating, the car hesitates or lags, and then over-revs when speeding up. I explained it to the dealer during a 15k mile check-up, and they insinuated it was my driving style, or that the car is getting older and won’t drive the same as when it’s brand new. Though they say they didn’t experience it when they test drove it.

I have exactly the same problem. VERY ANNOYING>
I took it in and MADE them drive it. The first slow corner it ended up inbetween gears and surged. They kept it for 4 days and said SORRY!! No fix available – no upgrade either.

I had a 2010 on loan and said " you keep the 08 and I’ll keep the '10 becuase it does not have the problem." Didn’t fly.

One thing I did that helped(I think), I changed the tran fluid and better for 6000 miles. Now about the same.



I found this after googling 'Toyota transmission hesitation:
“The Toyota technician who had been stumped by this problem on my car was eager to help me find the problem. Both cars were doing the same thing, so we believed a TSB would exist, and that it probably spanned different models. Some vehicles have hundreds of TSB’s, so it’s important to match the description during the search. Removing the term ‘transmission’ brought up a completely different list of TSB’s. The correct TSB was found by using ‘throttle lag’, and was TSB# TC006-05 on my 2004 Solara V6. This problem can be corrected by having the ECT (Engine Computer) reprogrammed at the Toyota or Lexus dealer.”