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Any experience with CarMD's OBDII Scanner

I have an Actron AutoScanner Plus CP9180 scanner and every time an idiot light pops up on my Ford Escape Hybrid and I plug this scanner in, it says there are no codes. Someone recommended a scanner package from AutoEnginuity, but they are very pricey and make specific.

Does anyone have any experience with the scanner sold at It sells for around $120 and claims to reads powertrain (Check Engine ? vehicle sensors), body (ABS ? brake system), and chassis (SRS ? safety system) codes. I have a Nissan Maxima and a Ford Escape Hybrid, so buying the hardware and data for both my cars from AutoEnginuity will be over $500. It sounds like CarMD is a better deal - if it can truely read all the codes.

The only thing CarMD might do over & above your current scanner is it will capture live data from engine sensors. In that respect, CarMD isn’t special as there are quite a few options for that. CarMD apparently does have some kind of website for help with error codes.

To the best of my knowledge it will not access body, SRS, ABS etc. If you want that AutoEnginuity is probably the most affordable option. Why not contact CarMD’s customer service and ask them to specify its capabilities?