2005 Hyundai Elantra front end crash, repair reasonable?

Rear ended another car. Totally my fault. Only carry liability insurance, so the repairs to my car are out of my pocket.

Needs a new hood, bumper, bumper cover, radiator, grill, support, headlights, paint job, and (ugh) driver’s side airbag.

Battery, engine, etc. are fine.

Mechanic quoted 1400 for parts, 1500 for labor. 2900 total. Yikes Is this reasonable?

I live in Washington DC, which is not a cheap city.

Blue book is about 4500.

$1400 for parts seems WAY too cheap.

Used parts?
The price for painting is not included?
Cheap aftermarket parts?
The parts fell off of the back of the truck?

Check that the frame isn’t bent
Get an alignment afterwards

Are you handy?
Do you have a good assortment of tools?
You could get parts from a u-pull junkyard and replace many of them yourself. Consider it an ongoing project.

I’m not sure of the sourcing of the parts. I’ll check on that. Good advice on the alignment.

I don’t have the tools or the wherewithal to attempt this sort of work myself. I’ll stick to DIY home repairs.

It’s not reasonable unless you can do the repairs yourself.

Your vehicle looks like my daughters after she hit a deer. A total mess.

Fortunately for me, I was able to find front end components that were the same color as my daughters vehicle. So it was just a matter of unbolting these components. This included the radiator, condenser and the fans. But the structure of the vehicle was also damaged. This included the radiator support and the bulkhead. So I had the yard man take his oxy/acetylene torch and cut out those components. Then it was just a matter cutting the spot welds that held those components in place, and spot welding in the new structual components. Then attaching the bolted on components. After the vehicle was done, you couldn’t tell it was in an accident.

But when you try to match paint. It doesn’t.

Since the bag blew you will need sensors, OBD module, labor to R&I center console for module, clockspring and possibly the seatbelt since on an 05 the pretensioner blew in the belt.

Did your shop forget or will he ream your wallet later for these later?

Thanks, I’ll check on alignment, seat belt, the items related to the airbag, frame, etc. and anything that might come after.

I’m not really up to the blow torch repair, and don’t really feel confident that it will be safe enough if I tried, even at a junkyard.

Anyone else want to weigh in before I call the guy back?


Who said anything about a “blow torch repair” . . . ?