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2004 hatch back elantra

I have a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT manual (no note, pay for) with about 136,000 miles and overall I do enjoy driving his car. In July I put $700 in it for a tune up and now my mechanic is telling me that my rings will need replacing (valve job, that is the reason why I am losing coolant, not much, less than a quarter, which I must check every week), two motor mounts are broken and my flex muffler will need replacing. So the question is this, is it work putting $1,250 in this car (leather seats are in good shape, sun roof and a/c still works) for these repairs, or should dump it and look for another car?


I recommend a second opinion. Don’t tell them about the first. While that work may be needed, it smells a little fishy to me.

If that list is valid, then the repairs would be worth it. Buying another used car, could mean buying one with the same type of of problems that are one your current list.

I also recommend a second opinion. Sounds like your “mechanic” is fishing for a boat payment.

Agree; if two motor mounts were broken and a new muffler needed, the car would be very noisy and shaky.

I would get a second opinion from a good mechanic. A friend of mine has a very similar Elantra 2002 model to yours, and has not had any of these problems.

Well it is noisy, but it does not shake or bake at all, so the broken motor mounts may not be an issue.

Budget $250 for a muffler and various pipes needed.

Ok, I do have a history with the shop, they have done most of the auto work on this car since I brought it used in 2007 for $500 (got it from a relative and it had 118,000 miles on it and I put about $1800 to get it street ready). So here I am three years later and about to pour another $1250 in to it, but it is a fun car to drive.