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2005 Hyundai Accent upgrade/repair costs

I’d like to surprise my husband for Christmas by getting cruise control added to our Hyundai Accent (2-door, 2005) and getting the motor fixed on our windshield fluid dispenser. Any idea how much that should cost me? My husband usually deals with these things so I really have no idea how much it should cost and don’t want to get ripped off. We also had someone back into our drivers door leaving a huge dent. Any guess how much that should cost to get fixed? We don’t have power anything (windows, rear-view mirrors, locks) so my guess is there’s not a ton in the door to mess with. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

My sister had cruise added to her car recently. If I remember correctly it was several hundred dollars. She had a local speedometer repair shop do the work. The dealer wouldn’t even entertain the notion.

I’d want to be very careful about who installs the cruise control. A shoddy job can cause multiple problems down the road.

You’ll have to call a couple of body shops about the door.

Replacing the washer reservoir motor won’t be difficult unless the reservoir is burried somewhere and hard to get at. Any mechanic can fix that for you. If you can see and reach the reservoir it might even fall into the DIY category.

Thanks for the help - I didn’t realize it would be so expensive! Maybe I’ll just have to take it in and get a quote and then see if it seems worth it.