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Hyundai Accent 2005 - keeps dying

My son recently purchased a 2005 Accent - auto trans, with about 105,000 miles on it. He has had a bit of bad luck with vehicles and he knows absolutely nothing about them. A few weeks after purch (private owner) the car started overheating and dying on him. He had it towed 2x to the mechanic. First it was a fuse, then it got really bad and they said his head gasket was leaking so they replaced the head gasket (had to have the head resurfaced), water pump, thermostat, radiator & bypass hoses and timing belt (since they were in there).

That was Aug 17 and it just died on him again and he had to have it towed again. I think he has run out of tows with his insurance at this point. Initially the mechanic said it ws the fuse again but they haven’t looked over the whole car yet. We have (or I) have already spent $1500.00 in repairs for this thing and needless to say he is paranoid as hell about driving it -can’t say that I blame him. I am now scared that they will find something else that they will deem unrelated and it will cost even more. I’m just wondering how much more to pour into this thing.

Any ideas of what this may be??? Any advice is greatly appreciated.