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2005 Honda Element - transmission whine on cold days

Wine in transmission on cold days is that bad

I would recommend you get the transmission fluid and filter changed. I would further recommend that you have it done at a Honda dealer to be sure you get the correct fluid. I believe you should have this done ASAP.


Never mix wine with transmission fluid! It will cause a whine.


Ah, but could it free up stuck piston rings?

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Wine has freed up a few wedding rings! :sweat_smile:


Wine in transmission on cold days is that bad

Not bad if you have the right cheese to go with it: [ sorry could not resist ]

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How long has your Element done this? It’s normal for mechanical things to make a certain amount of extra noise when they’re cold but if this is a new noise you’re right to be concerned. The other posters have given you good advice. Go ahead and have the transmission serviced on principle.

Anytime a transmission is making a new noise, checking the trans fluid level and condition is usually job one, so suggest to start there.

Beyond that, tell us more about the configuration. Manual or automatic trans? 2WD or 4WD?