2009 Honda Accord whines during/after left turns

Transmission wines after and during a left hand turn. The wining goes away after a few moments. I had the transmission flushed about a month ago at the dealer.
The car is used primarily a go to work car, strictly highway miles. About 80 miles total a day. The car has 156,000 miles and paid for and I would like to have another 150,000 miles before moving on. Can a transmission be repaired without total rebuild? What are my options? Can you help a brother out?

Are you sure it is the transmission and not the power steering pump. Can you make it whine sitting still - then likely power steering is the issue.

Does the transmission have enough fluid? Check the level as low levels can cause a whine.

Yes, but it rarely happens that a transmission has gotten to the point of repair without needing a full rebuild. If that happens, sorry, but Honda’s automatics are a tad weak. The good news is the engines are great and should last 300K.

Low level transmission fluid was the culprit. I had a transmission flush 2 months ago at the dealer. That’s about the time the whining started. Thinking I’m getting the best service. Wrong! They didn’t fill it up correctly. And I never thought to look. That is pitiful. Shame on them and shame on me.

Mark Loyer

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Thanks for letting know the outcome.