Transmission whine?

Our 2008 Honda CR-V w/120k one owner, always dealer maintained, vehicle has recently started exhibiting a little high pitch whine coming from the engine area which increases when you rev the gas. I checked the transmission dipstick and the level is just below the bottom hole (owners manual says it should be between the bottom and top hole). Would this make the whine? By adding some fluid should it go away? Is it okay to use a fluid other than Honda’s?

Lots Of Things
(Power Steering Pumps, Alternators, A/C Compressors, Brake Boosters, Idler Pulleys, Etcetera)
Can Whine From The “Engine Area.”

Use the correct Honda brand transmission fluid and top off the transmission by carefully following the checking procedure outlined by the manufacturer.

If the whine is still present then I’d consider an automotive stethoscope ((10 or 15 bucks) to very carefully probe for the whine’s source. You can also try a length of hose, holding one end to the ear and probing with the other end. Watch out for moving parts and extremely hot parts !


i don’t know much about the '08 crv’s but my '99 developed a whine about the same mileage. very worried that it was the tranny but turned out my U joints were bad. in the '99 they rotate even when not in 4wd, so they were getting used. it was a difficult repair to do myself (had to find replacement joints on line) but way better than a trans repair.

Any bearing can whine when it’s going bad. Hope that it’s not a tranny bearing.