2005 Honda CR-V - Torque Converter Warranty/Assistance

has anybody with a torque converter repair at around 130000, gotten honda to help?

I mean, you could ask them? But you’ve been out of warranty for years. You have a 14 year old car…things are going to break, and Honda’s aren’t known for great automatic transmissions

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I didn’t know about the transmission thing. I did see a couple of people had said they had contacted Honda. My mechanic said the miles were very low for the torque converter to be a problem.

I may call them.


But were you servicing the ATF every 30-50k miles? And with Honda Spec’d fluid (this is important as Honda Transmissions are also picky about using exact fluids)? If yes, then I agree, but again, the vehicle is 14 years old

Considering the age of the car and whether or not the transmission has been serviced regularly I would doubt that they would help.

If they do this for you then in theory everyone would want a freebie no matter the age of the car, miles, or lack of service.

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I agree with the others, Honda is not going to do anything, and if they do offer a bit of financial assistance the cost at a dealership will be so high that any such help will be a mirage.
Best bet is to take it to a good transmission shop and make sure they check for service bulletins. It will probably cost a couple of thousand to repair. If the rest of the CRV is in good shape it’s probably worth it to have it fixed. Good luck.