Torque Converters



In a 2004 Honda Pilot we have noticed a noise for 2 years. We took the car multiple times to Honda dealership(s). They could not diagnose the problem until I suggested it to them after consulting an outside garage and finally a transmission expert.

The transmission expert says that not only should the torque converter be replaced but the filter should be changed or we will need a new transmission within 1-2 years. From what I have read he is correct. The dealer and Honda of America (problem began with 38,000 miles on the car) says they will pay for half of the torque converter replacemnet but do not think the filter change is necessary.

Changing the filter is major work and the transmission expert (whom this dealership uses to do transmission work) says they may not be capable of doing that job. I do not understand why they would not just send it to him (I am even willing to pay extra). Should the filter be replaced as he suggests? It makes sense to me if the torque converter has been slipping for 2 years and 25,000 miles.


I am getting conflicting information on changing the transmission filter since some sources say the transmission does not have a “serviceable” filter. I found the part number for one so I guess they do exist. In any event, I would at least have the transmission fluid changed when the torque converter is installed. Insist on a filter change anyway since the vehicle has over 60K.


You said the torque converter was slipping, well that’s what they do. I doubt very much that you need a new one. I am sure Transman will jump on this problem!!