2005 Honda CR-V runs when the key is turned to Off

2005 Honda engine still runs with starting Key in “OFF”

I imagine OP actually has a question . . . based on the fact that this response falls under the “ask someone” category

I suspect the question is “Can somebody help me figure out why my engine stays running with the key in the off position” . . . ?

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This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard about problem ignition switches in Hondas. Years ago they had an extensive recall to replace them.

You are probably correct. But why are the transferred posts from carcomplaints so vague or hard to understand is the question.


Does it run normally, or does it chug along for a little while and then finally cut off?

Could be dieseling from leaky injectors if it’s the latter…

Any aftermarket stereo, lights, etc.? One vehicle at work of another make I put in a power point in for a spotlight. I tapped into the 2 way radio that turned off with the ignition for convenience, And if a spotlight with a charging capability was plugged into the power point the engine would not turn off. That was maybe 4 or 5 years ago. The driver asked our mechanic to fix it, and mechanic said just unplug the damn light when you are done using it.