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Civic Ignition Problem

I am having a problem with my '91 Civic DX Hatchback. When I turn the key the engine runs, but only when I have the key turned all the way foward. The engine revs when the gas pedal is depressed and the car will drive, but only when the key is all the way forward. As soon as I let off the starter, the car shuts down.

The oil was recently low and I added about a quart. I don’t think they are related at all, but thats the story.

I vote for a worn out ignition lock cylinder.

I second that. Some of these Honda’s of this vintage had the ignition switch and key cylinder together as a unit. This means replacing both together, and, unless your lucky finding one with the same key code, you’ll have two keys, one for the door and one for the ignition. But, check. If your lucky, the switch is a separate replaceable module that can be replaced without replacing the lock cylinder.