My old beater

I have a old 240 Volvo that keeps running when I turn it off. I have taken it to my mechanic about this a couple of times and he took some module out from somewhere around the glove box and cleaned it off. This fixed it for a while but it started again so he went to a junk yard and got another one of these and replaced it with a used one. It continues to do the samething, running on after the key is turned off. He told me to pull the fuse out to the ignition. I have to do this from time to time and it worked. Stopping the car from running. I would then replace the fuse and back to usual. Well my brother borrowed my car and I wrote out the instructions for him clearly instructing what fuse to pull ectera. When I got the car back he had the same problem with the car running on after the key was turned off. He pulled the fuse. Problem solved. He then forgot to replace the fuse and we have not had a problem with it running on after the car was turned off since. The fuse is on the dash. Can I just leave this fuse out? It does not appear to be affecting anything else? This is my reserve car that I use only occassionally. I am keeping it to replace the current Volvo that i am driving that just has 275,000 miles. Thanks Tammara

Interesting. Find out what the slot is for the fuse.

…but let me ask you this…

When you say “continues running with the key off”, do you mean that you could drive it (assuming for the moment that the steering would not lock up) and it would be 100% transparent with having the key in the “ON” position …OR do you mean that the engine continues to support combustion “in some manner” albeit rough or lousy???

Some relay is allowing the ignition to remain energized beyond having it’s latching signal removed.

I am of the opinion that the electrical and electronic engineers that design today’s automotive electrical systems are the ones who flunked out of college or,the collages that are educating these people need to clean up their act based on the work of their graduates…

An electrical schematic of a modern car looks like the wiring diagram for a pin-ball machine designed specifically so NO ONE could repair it…

Maybe the problem is the ignition switch.

Thank you for your reply. It continues to run normally. I think that the steering column does not even lock