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2005 Honda Civic Cpe - Dealer replacing my car one part at a time

Stumpted the service at the dealer! 2005 Civic DX 1.7L Have put in 1-O2 sensor, 2 Crank Sensors, new computer. They are replacing the crank sensor again today. Have had recommendations that it could be the catalytic converter throwing a bad code. HELP!!!

What are the codes?

Shows for the crank sensor

no code says “replace the crank sensor”. What is the exact code ie PXXXX? It sounds like your dealership is just throwing parts instead of actually diagnosing what the problem(s) is. I would recommend you try a local well recommended independent mechanic. There is no need to take a 15 year old car to a dealership to get work done


One part at a time isn’t bad. Wait until the mechanic has a boat payment, a child needing braces, or a kid starting college. Then it could become 2 or 3 parts at a time! :wink:

I hope you’re not having to pay for all their trial and error guesses after they’ve failed to do proper diagnosis of the problem(s)…
What exactly were the symptoms that put the car into the shop? (Please don’t tell us there were none.) Did it drive there or get towed there?

What is that called when you keep doing the same thing over, expecting different results? :thinking:
Bless their little hearts! :roll_eyes:
:palm_tree: :sunglasses: :palm_tree:

This is what happens when dealerships only allow mechanics a miniscule amount of flat rate time for diagnosis. It is the same reason that you see"Can’t replicate problem" on work orders. What that really means is that I only had time to try one thing and that was not the problem.

Any shop that is replacing a crank sensor for the 3rd time is grasping at straws.

Just somne food tor thought here. What about the possibility of a failing ignition switch? Switches have been an issue for quite a while and some Hondas are under a Recall for this although I do not believe your car us.

A faulty switch will cause intermittent no-starts and/or random stalling. It can also cause the crank sensor and computer to become inoperative. In other words, they may be thinking about symptom instead of cause.
If the car is currently not running then who knows. It could be a popped 50 cent fuse in the engine management circuit and do not be shocked. I’ve seen cars that had thousands spent on WAGs over a 50 cent fuse all because someone did not step back for a minute and think.