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Highway Vibration

1995 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 168000 miles

I have a 95 accord with approx. 168K miles. Ever since I owned this vehicle, I have had some kind of vibration I can feel in the steering. Mostly and always at highway speeds. I gave up taking it to the dealer and have just been putting up with it. The vibration seems to show up after or around 60mph. A few years ago, I had both axles replaced due to bad CV joints and this did nothing to remedy the problem. Yes, I have re-balanced the tires more often than I can remember. I have also replaced the wheels and tires, hoping I had a bad rim. This did not work either. Any ideas?

Having replaced everything else with no results, I’d have to guess a warped flywheel, bent main shaft or worn bushing in the transmission. Unless it is a bad vibration or it gets worse, keep putting up with it until you are ready to spend many hundreds of dollars.

At this age have the lower control arms been replaced? Sometimes rubber bushings go bad but not visibly so and they only wobble at certain speeds. Were the lower ball joints replaced without the bushings? I assume you have no trouble with rattles and bumps at lower speeds that might mean strut issues.

This suggestion seems a bit exotic for the problem. But it depends on how much vibration is vibration and whether the motor mounts are ok. Since your suggestion would not be a big steering vibration but more a body vibe.