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2005 Honda Accord LX noise

Hi all,

I own a 2005 Honda Accord LX with just over 44,000 miles. Recently I’ve been hearing an intermittent noise coming from the front of the car.

It started a few weeks ago when I cranked the wheel hard to the right to get out of a street parking spot. After I did this, it sounded like something was dragging on the ground (like the muffler). After I turned left at an intersection, the “dragging” noise went away, but I could still hear a faint sound similar to metal pieces being rubbed together. It does not sound like the brakes are grinding, but like a piece of metal is being rubbed against another piece. The noise goes away when the car comes to a stop.

These two sounds come and go, and usually after I have made a turn. The rubbing noise comes and goes, and I hear that more than the dragging noise. Any ideas what might be causing this? Is this a major issue? Should I take this to a mechanic or the Honda dealership?


Have you looked inside the wheel well? How close are the tires to the plasic liner? If that plastic piece moved it could allow the tires to rub under the right conditions. Can you get under the car and look for something loose.

If Goldwing’s suggestion doesn’t help, then the next thing to consider is a bad CV joint.
Your mechanic can check for this potential problem.

Not only look in your wheel well, look at the shroud that goes under the engine at the front of the car. You might just look under your car for anything hanging or hung up.

The description of two pieces of metal being rubbed together and it stops when the vehicle stops makes me suspect an issue with the brakes. At 44k miles on a Honda Accord, you are due for some brake work. A quick, routine brake/front end inspection should turn up your issue, but if the brakes are untouched, they are a strong suspect.