2005 Grand Marquis drives like there is no control and now rattles!

I have a power steering like hissing noise so I replaced the power steering pump. However, I still had the noise. I took it to a local car mechanic and they told me it was the power steering module. When I drove away, it felt like I was driving on a cloud: very floaty. Replaced the power steering module and it did not fix the problem. Since then, the car drives very floaty and now I am experiencing rattling in the front end, like the steering wheel feels like it is connected to the road. With these two isssues, I am starting to be concerned. I do not have money to take it to a mechanic so I try to fix things on my own. Any suggestions? Thanks!

My first thought is to park this thing until you can have it repaired properly. If you lose the steering you can harm yourself or some other person sharing the road. The repair cost on your credit card will be less that a possible lawsuit if you are found in neglect by not repairing this problem.

What are you calling a power steering “module”? The steering rack itself?

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Its underneath the glove box.

I understand what you are saying. Perhaps I over exagerated. It does still drive and I feel in control. It’s just driving very swimmy. Like I’m driving a boat on the water

There is a component of your power steering system underneath the glove box?


The variable assist power steering module is located under the right side of the instrument panel.

Can’t imagine a hissing noise associated w/power steering pump, unless pump or high pressure hose was leaking fluid, which would be evident by the fluid spray in engine compartment. What makes you think the noise was due to a faulty PS pump? Was the fluid level ok before replacing pump? Hissing noise more likely to be engine vacuum leak of some sort. Brake booster common source. Does engine idle worse than before hissing started? Any change to brake performance?

Assuming there were no PS symptoms (other than the hissing) before replacing PS pump, quite possible replacement PS pump is faulty, or there’s air in hydraulics, and that’s the cause of the current PS symptoms.