Power steering 1997 RAV4

At the extremme right or left steering position, moving or standing still,

there is a loud “hissing” sound .

Any idea what could cause this sound?

Thanks! Bernie

That is the result of the power steering pump being forced. That’s a no-no.

I agree with roadrunner, make sure fluid level is ok.

www.rav4world.com GREAT info on the rav4

When in the locked position, the power steering pump is producing maximum pressure and the excess flow is exiting through the pressure relief valve. The solution to relieve this condition is to relax the steering effort leaving the wheels near locked position but not forcing them.

That ‘hissing’ is heating your steering fluid excessively. In regular driving turn the wheel to the stop; when you hear the ‘hiss’; and back off until the ‘hiss’ goes away. It is easier on the power steering pump and rack.