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2005 GMC Yukon XL dash lights

Service air bag and service riding control are both on. How to repair and what the cost would be?

These are not do it yourself items. And there is no way to tell why the lights are on over the web so all you can do is have someone look at it and give you an estimate . The air bag is most likely a dealer repair.

The air bag light is on because something in the air bag system is broken. These systems set error codes just like the engine computer does and take a comprehensive reader to get the codes. Those codes will tell you what it thinks is wrong.

Same for the “service ride control”. There are 4 position sensors - one at each wheel - that are connected with a link to the suspension arm. Make sure all 4 are still connected, they just snap on. That’s about all you can check without a code reader that can reach the ride control computer.

Repairs on both of these is for an advanced DIY-er or a professional.