2005 GMC Sierra 1500 - Nothing works after frame off

I unhooked the wiring layed to side unbolted the cab and front unit raised up to change out frame- put new frame in lower cab back down hooked all wires back up went to Test nothing works put new Battery in—any Ideas

Look for a major ground that’s not connected.

One that’s missed often is between the engine and firewall of the cab.



Why would you put a new frame under a 17 year old truck?

I’m kind of assuming the frame was rusted out or mangled, but everything else was in decent shape

I can’t even fathom how many hours of labor that would take.

The job pays about 40 hours, don’t you have a dealership background?

I bet you didn’t.

As was stated above, check all your grounds, and then recheck everything else. You missed something (we all do,) so make sure you didn’t miss two somethings.


Step by step. Suggest to get it cranking w/the key in “start”.

Measure the “s” terminal at the starter. That’s the thinner of the two wires connected to the starter. It should be 10.5 volts or higher w/key in “start”. Probe b/t the “s” terminal and the starter case. What do you measure? While you are probing down there what voltage does the thicker wire measure?