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2003 GMC Sierra

My 2003 GMC SIERRA Truck will not start. I replaced the battery but the truck will not turn over. This has happended before when I was in CA in 60 degree weather. All the lights, radio, windshiled wipers etc, work but there is nothing else when I go to turn the key except that I can here the pump kicking over. It gets cold where I am now and we had our first snow yesterday. Any Suggestions? Thanks.

If the engine doesn’t turn over, you have a starting system problem and any shop can diagnose that in short order. Do check for dirty battery contacts. Eye protection is definitely recommended. The eyes are the most vulnerable in cases of exploding batteries which are rare but they do happen. The cables may just be loose.

Thanks, I figured it may be the starting system but just trying to figure something out in order to get it started to get it to a shop, without having to get it towed. The battery contacts are clean and the cables seem to be on pretty good. I also checked all the fuzes and they are good. I have heard of starters freezing or locking in cold weather but we have been through worse so far and this didn’t happen then. As mentioned the pumps kick on and when the key goes from the start position back to the run position it sounds like a rewinding noise from the column. Thanks again.

I’ll add to PDV’s post by saying you have to remove/clean and replace WRENCH tight the cable connection at the starter too.

After cleaning and replacing any electrical connection apply a little dielectric grease to the connections. This will keep the moisture out and thus stop corrosion.
I emphasize the word ‘wrench’ because electrical connections will allow water to seep in and will not ensure a solid connection for continuity.

Ensure the grounds are good and clean and tight including the engine to chassis ground.

Any chance related to a factory security system failure? Does waiting 10-20 mins allow you to crank the engine allowing it to start?