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2005 GMC Sierra 1500 - Thinking about cutting some wires

A few months ago my GMC Sierra would not start. 1 click and nothing. My mechanic replace the starter. The starter he took out was an AC Delco and had a 2 yr. warranty. It was only 1 yr. old. I got refund from AutoZone. But pretty sure that was not the problem. The following week, same thing. 1 click, no start. Took to mechanic. He said corroded wire by solenoid. A week after that, same thing, 1 click, no start. Returned to mechanic, he said loose battery cable. (Note: Battery and Alternator are new, 1 year old only). A week and a half later, or so, the brake line went out. I took to a different mechanic to repair brakes and asked him to look at electronic situation, as it still did some hesitation on starting. He said he did but 1 day after getting vehicle back, 1 click, no start. I replace ignition switch and did the relearn process. I had also done the relearn in the past and got the vehicle to start but it always, maybe a week later would get to the 1 click, no start situation. Anyway, still having some problems, but jiggle key or wait awhile and then it starts. My question: Should a cut some wires and by pass the security in this truck. I have read about lots of problems in this area and this solved it for some people. Last year I also had to buy a used instrument panel because the old one quit working. Do you think the pass lock security is the problem or maybe the PCM computer module is acting up? Anything would be appreciated. PS I called a local car show for answers and they told me to check the lights on the truck as that would probably show that the battery or cables are loose. I did that and everything was fine. Anyway, Thanks! Look forward to some advice.

Probably the worse thing you can do is to start cutting wires when you don’t know what the problem is. Find a mechanic that is specialized or at least is experienced working on electrical problems.

Unless this is properly diagnosed there is no way that you get a reliable answer to your questions on this forum.

What is voltage at the battery when you get the 1 click then no start?

What is the voltage at the starter when you get the 1 click then no start?

Corroded, loose, or damaged battery cables can cause this. as can a bad starter. A bad battery is unlikely to fail, and then work again after sitting a little while.

Like @kurtwm1 said- I wouldn’t start cutting wires til I knew that was a last resort.

It’s not even a last resort. Someone who knows vehicle electrics and has a voltmeter should be able to fix this. The OP should search for an ‘auto electrics’ type shop.