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2005 GMC Envoy Serpentine Belt Question


I have a 2005 GMC Envoy that I purchased brand new in August 2005. Less than 1 yr later, I intermittently started hearing “chirping” noises coming from the engine compartment for about 15 - 30 seconds when starting the car. The auto dealer who I purchased the vehicle from replaced the serpentine belt which resolved the issue. One yr later, the 30 second chirping sound at startup returned. Again, the dealer replaced the serpentine belt along with a pulley and drive belt idler. The noise went away. Now, the 30-second chirping has returned at startup, and they want to charge me $250 to again replace the serpentine belt as they are not sure this will resolve the issue. Can anyone please give me some advice? Do I need to keep swapping out this belt every couple of yrs? Is this a known issue with the 2005 Envoy? Any suggestions please?

Thanks for any guidance,


Did The Dealer Check For Misalignment Of Pulleys?

How about cracked or bent brackets or pulley? “Pilling” of belts necessitating cleaning pulley grooves with a wire brush?