2005 Ford Mustang research

Have an ‘06, was rear ended four weeks ago. Hard enough to require rear bumper cover to be replaced-no other damage. Did not trip the switch. Have some RR crossings that require driving well below the speed limit to avoid bottoming out, have not tripped the switch, and I have made contact going over them. Both the small humps in parking lots and the larger bumps on streets have never tripped the switch.

Probably isn’t.

I’m thinking warranty claim of some type, or something along those lines.

On a 13 year old car?

A cheap one that doesn’t want to pay an expert or researcher! :rofl:


Well, he did state that he is a public defender, and their budgets and salaries are pitifully small.

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I missed the “public defender” part in the thread. So that does make some sense.

Because it has probably resulted in a criminal charge rather than a civil infraction. This can happen when the circumstances are egregious and can escalate from misdemeanor to even a felony charge. Reckless driving fits this situation. I think most people would want legal representation under those circumstances…