2005 Ford Mustang cuts out intermittently

i have a 2005 mustang, with a really weird problem, i dont quite know how to explain it, i can start the car fine, and put it in reverse and it works fine and then shift into 1st gear and its fine but when i hit about 20 mph it starts cutting out ? , then when i hit 30 mph its back to normal and then when i hit about 45 it cuts out more? and then when i hit 65 its back to normal and i can push the accelerator hard or soft and the engine wont cut out any i dont know why it does this. also i have had it diagnostic checked put a new crank shaft sensor in , new oil, and all new tires and just almost everything and still cant figure whats wrong with it, to explain it any differently the car will run alright if i dont step on the accelerator really hard , as in im not trying to go really fast , but if i punch it then it will pop and all the lights on the dash will show up, and die , and turn off everything, i currently have the check engine light on and the wrench sign as well if you want to call me i will give you my number if you want to contact me thanks to whoever who has a solution or sugestions, thanks

Since you already had it diagnosed . . . what were the fault codes?

all i know is a brake light bulb, i had like 10 pop up the mechanic told me
, but i cant remember, im going to call him monday and ask him and then i
will email you the rest of them, thanks for helping man

This quote is in regards to the wrench symbol . . .

Electronic throttle control (if
equipped): Illuminates when the
engine has defaulted to a
’limp-home’ operation. Report the
fault to a dealer at the earliest opportunity

If you have a problem with the electronic throttle, the wrench symbol will light up, as will the check engine light symbol.

So you’ve clearly got some kind of an issue with the electronic throttle system. You probably have 2 accelerator pedal position sensors and 2 throttle position sensors. The problem(s) could be either at the pedal or the electronic throttle body. Hard to say without any codes, and without actually being there.

If your vehicle is going into “limp home” mode, the throttle will be reduced so to speak, depending on how many sensors have failed. For example, throttle might be reduced to 35% or 15%. The point is you can mash on the accelerator pedal, and you won’t get the response you want. It sounds like that is in fact going on.

What’s up with the crankshaft position sensor . . . was that in response to this current problem, or a previous one?

Have you had your battery and charging system thoroughly checked out? Voltage problems can also affect the electronic throttle system, and many other systems, for that matter

stick shift?


My 06 was doing that but did not store any codes. The computer was dying.

the crank shaft sensor was showing up so they replaced it, ive had the car
into the shop 3 times now and the first 2 times none of the codes showed up
until this time

also it was oen of the older problems i gues

and i have a new alternator and battery both replaced at the same time at
the end of 2016