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Car died after hitting a ramp

Hi all,

First my car make and model:

Ford Escort GT, 1991, 1.9L

I was going into a parking lot and the ramp was very steep. I was going a little fast and heard the underside of my car hitting the edge of the ramp. The place of the hit was near the bumper, in front of the tires, but it was a metallic sound hit.

After the hit it turned off. I started and run like for 5 seconds and died. I haven’t been able to make it start since then. There are no obvious loose connections or cables or hoses, no liquids are dripping.

I checked if it was gas, there was plenty, and just in case added an extra gallon. The battery was fine, and just in case tried turning it on with a jump start. Engines rotates and “tries” to start, you hear a spark and normal “noises” when starting, but can’t start running in its own. Checked the fuses and look fine. It seems like the engine is not getting fuel.

On the next day I checked the inertia switch, the button didn’t pop-out (so couldn’t reset it), so either wasn’t activated or was activated but the button didn’t pop out.

Any ideas or suggestions? How do I test if the fuel pump is ok? How do I know if the inertia switch was activated even when the button didn’t popped? Any other cables, fuses, contacts, etc, that may have been shaken/disconnected by the hit?

Thanks for your help!