2005 ford mustang ac problems

So roughly 2 months ago my ac wasnt blowing cold anymore and it was the evaporator, so i got a new one put in and recharged and it blows 50 degrees or colder now and it still blew that cold today. But today i heard a noise coming from the engine, so i inspected it and saw the compressor was turning on and off which it was doing right before i got it fixed 2 months ago, so i know its not the compressor but i know thats probably gonna go soon to. now its getting to winter so i dont need the ac. Everything else is working perfect never had any problems with the car other then the ac, it does get used alot cause i live in florida but it never gets pushed passed level 2 out of 4. it has 90k on it and i was wondering if this is a major repair to just let it go and sell it for a reasonable price and pick up another car? or just fix it and hope another problem does not arise in 2 months. Like i said ive never had any problems with it before other then the ac. it still runs great and i can still floor it and she responds almost like new.

I think you are overthinking this. AC cycling on and of is not an unusual occurrence,
AC will also be kicking in when you are using the defrost, or in your case defog mode. It appears you may have had a leak in the system due to evaporator replacement. If you are buying used stick with what you have, buying new tell me your selling price.

the selling price of my mustang would be 8k. but it wasnt turning on and off for awhile and then ive noticed in the past 2 weeks it had a really rough idle which it had before the evap went out. so figured it was a leak somewhere else. im gonna go find out tomorrow from the same mechanic to see if there is just a loose tube from the evap which im hoping for, because thats a pretty fast leak for freeon
being honest i couldnt sell my car because i love it to much.

If you think the AC compressor is shot, and that has happened before, that indeed can be an expensive fix. The cost depends what other parts are affected. A compressor on the fritz can throw off metallic bits that go through the whole system. Three’s no way anybody here can tell what all has been affected. Best bet is a visit to an auto-AC specialist for an evaluation. It’s not going to get less expensive waiting, it can only get more expensive.