94 probe ac compressor cluch

My ac comes on some times and then the cold shuts off. The fan is still running. The ford repair shop said it was the ac compressor clutch and it would cost $1350 to replace. Does this sound correct to anyone?

If you took the car to a Ford dealer, I recommend that you take it to an independent mechanic and get an estimate. Do not mention you had taken the car to a dealer.

Taking a 15 year old car to a dealership is only a good idea if you want to pay top dollar for your repair work. As has already been suggested, an independent repair shop is likely to be able to do the repair work for a far lower price.

Thanx. I found an OEM ac compressor on line with guarantee for $430 from DiscountAcParts. So I got that and am going to have it instaled saved me about $450.

You say the problem is with the AC clutch, is it possible to just replace the clutch? check and see, it might save you money. On the other hand your compressor probably is pretty tired and putting money in that compressor could result in losing that money.