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2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer - new compressor for AC

Need a new compressor so I have air conditioning.

Not necessarily, have it diagnosed by a licensed automotive AC shop.
Just tell the shop what it is or is not doing. Let them diagnose it. Don’t walk in and say you want a new compressor. If the compressor did indeed self-destruct more AC parts will require replacement.


@Purebred has a good answer to a question you did not ask.

What did you expect from us regarding the statement you made?

My ac went out last summer, 2003 trailblazer, a leak in the coil, $400 to fix, make sure you know the problem before throwing parts at a solution. Any solution should be handled by a qualified shop imhop.

My father’s 2003 Trailblazer lost A/C a while back. The problem was the low pressure switch.

I have owned so many old cars with leaks in the A/C system. If the leak is in a gasket or O-ring, I would try to fix it, otherwise I’d just add refrigerant and see how long it lasts. Usually, the answer is “not long” and then I just roll down the windows to be comfortable. I have actually never once had a bad compressor, though I have had gasket/O-ring leaks there.

Tried the refrigeration add, lasted 3 months, they had put in the die and found the leak.

Considering the age of the car I would suspect it has leaks. I have no idea whether you need a new compressor or not but would not be surprised if the car did need one. With the loss of refrigerant comes refrigerant oil loss and that usually takes out the compressor.

So is the compressor noisy or what?

No noise, just stopped being cool. Son first checked belt & it had broke. Replaced belt & broke again. He spoke to Mechanic in our small town that son used sometimes & was told compressor would need to be replaced. Quote was $4,ooo - $6,000. But when checked through my AARP group was told for my area, shouldn’t be more than $2000 - $2,500. I’m disabled, single grandmother raising a grandchild. Sometimes we get Child Support, sometimes we don’t. I spent last summer w/o AC, driving grandson back & forth to multiple Doctor appts. Don’t want to do that again.

I meant to say Mechanic diagnosed it after broke 2 compressor belts. Was wondering if his repair Quote was realistic or if he maybe didn’t want to mess w/it so gave a high quote. His quote $4,000 to $6,000. Called around, & his quite was double others. We live in small town so choices are limited. I called next town over (15 miles) & town in opposite direction (25 miles) & quotes are much lower. Guess it’s matter of convenience.

$4000 - $6000 to replace an ac compressor on your truck is highway robbery

Even $2000 - $2500 is WAY too high

Do not authorize the repair

Either the shop is trying to take advantage of you . . . or there is a part of the story that you haven’t yet told us, or maybe something was lost in translation. Using incorrect terminology would explain a few things.

For example, on your truck and ac evaporator is a LOT more labor to replace, versus the ac compressor, and I could believe a shop might charge $2000 to replace that.

Only thing I can tell you is he is a popular mechanic who is always busy. Ha s worked on Sons cars for years but is always backlogged. I knew quote sounded high. Thought maybe it was something that he just didn’t want to mess with so gave me high quote. I’m going to do some more checking around.

Even to replace the compressor on a home HVAC unit, that would be a crazy high amount of money. The company I work for doesn’t charge anywhere near that amount.
However, there are companies which charge these kind of prices, and there are customers who are foolish enough to pay it. As always, you should get a second opinion on any expensive work, and use the Internet to find out what is a fair price for the service being contemplated.

Forget that guy and his shop

He’s trying to rob you blind

Just because he’s popular and busy doesn’t mean he’s not gouging the customer(s)

Go another shop in another town . . . an independent shop that’s well established . . . and simply say “My ac isn’t working. I’d like you to diagnose it and provide an estimate to repair.”

Don’t mention the other shop

Don’t say “I heard the ac compressor is often the problem” or anything like that. You’re paying the shop to diagnose the problem and arrive at their own conclusion(s)

Then we can compare estimates

Regardless of what component in your A/C refrigeration circuit gets replaced, make sure the receiver/drier gets replaced.
The receiver should always be replaced when the system is opened for service.

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It’s technically the accumulator-drier, and yes it should be replaced any time the A/C system is opened to the atmosphere for servicing–even if it’s just to replace a leaking O-ring. If there is/was a leak, it is also important to account for the fact that oil is lost along with the refrigerant.

Four to six thousand for a compressor? Wow. And this guy can say that with a straight face? Utterly ridiculous. I’d say a 1500 dollar job around my neck of the woods; maybe less.

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Even if you consider the accumulator, maybe a few hnbr o-rings, and a diagnostic charge, that charge seems sky high to replace the ac compressor on that truck . . . even if the shop is using top of the line parts

Unless there was something lost in translation . . . I don’t know what, could be a lot of things . . . it sure sounds like this might be one of those bad apple shops that gives everybody else and the business in general a bad name