2005 Ford F350 - Dies

unit drives fine then just dies

Does the check engine light come on beforehand?

Virtually no information about your truck. Soooo

My crystal ball says… you need to see a mechanic. That is all.

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I suggest you get to where it is going before it dies. Problem solved!

but seriously- give us some more info to go on here, so we can be of assistance:

what engine?
whats the mileage?
any noises or anything before it dies?
any recent maintenance or repairs done?
After it dies, will it restart right away? if not, when will it restart? minutes later? hours later? days later?
Does it start immediately, or struggle a bit?
is the check engine light on? if so, have you had the codes read?
any other dash lights on?
have you checked oil and coolant levels?

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Thanks for the info, I woun’t buy one of those units.