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2005 Ford Escape won't start after changing alternator, plugs and fuel filter

I have a 2005 Ford Escape 3.0 and I changed the alternator, plugs and fuel filter and now the car won’t start. It cranks and cranks but won’t start. Checked the fuel pump and filter and it’s getting fuel to the injectors but the injectors won’t fire. Put original fuel filter and plugs back in and still just cranks. Never had a problem with the vehicle starting until now. So basically I changed the alternator, plugs and fuel filter and now the injectors won’t fire fuel. What could cause this??

a guess .
Changing the alternator.
You either unplugged the crank sensor to do the job and didn’t re-plug it . .
Or . .
you damaged the wires or plug while doing the alternator job.

An alternate theory, maybe the injectors are actually working but you’ve got the spark plug wires hooked up to the wrong plugs. Double check on that, as that’s a common mistake and will cause this symptom. Makes sense to measure the voltage at the battery terminals while attempting to start the engine too. They should stay close to the 12.0 to 12.6 volt range during cranking. Measure at the posts, then at the connectors attached to the posts.

Not much to offer but hope you like humor, I have a bunch of fake error messages in the photos of the screensaver pics for the public access computer, one is
“User error replace user and continue” kind of like this

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That’s fun, Barky.

I was thinking plug wires as well. It is easy and it costs nothing to check before moving on to other things. Always start with the easy, inexpensive stuff before getting complicated.