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2005 Escape remote starter

installed design tech remote starter and bypass module…after much screwing around got so starts and runs 15 minutes…but after 15 minute option set run time,shuts down and starts right back up…did this 3 times bfore i hit brake pedal which stops unit from working…anyone got any ideas as to whats goin on?..appreciate any input…Curt

For my benifit can you re-state the problem you are having. It seems like you are saying the engine will shut down after 15 min(by design) if you don’t deactivate system by pressing brake pedal.

Are you saying you start your car by remote get in and drive and for 15 min you never touch the brake (deactivating the kill feature of the system)? and then suffer a unintended engine shut-down?

thanks for replying…i start vehicle in yard via remote starter…without getting in vehicle it will run for 15 min(by design), then shut off like suppose to,but starts right back up on its own…did this 3 times before i entered vehicle and stepping on brake which is designed to stop remote starter from functioning.proir to this was getting a code 6 which states battery voltage low,set unit option to ignore battery voltage…no ignition 2 wire {which possibly powers up alternator}installed as could not find any info stating which wire it was and nothing in installation manual,tried calling tech 4 times…each waiting 15 minutes before i give up.

Failue is to product specific for me to help,you have to stick it out on the Help Line,sorry