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04 Malibu remote start

Hi I own a 2004 Chevy Malibu Maxx LT and up until recently the remote start worked great. However starting last week when I go to use it all I get is a quick flash of the brake lights and it wont start. The only thing that happened last week was I had the hood up to check the oil. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Is this remote start an aftermarket unit? If it is then I suggest you have it removed. They are nothing but headaches and can wind up costing you a lot of money.

I’m sure this is a factory option since it was a popular and cheap option to add value. At any rate there are some things that will disable the remote start. One is if the hood is open. Its possible that the system thinks the hood is still open-either problem witht he hood switch or glitch. Try shutting the hood hard once or twice to see if that resets it. Also check your owners manual to see if you didn’t by mistake disable the option on your instrument panel and that the fuse is still ok. I don’t have a repair manual for that so suspect if that doesn’t work, a trip to the dealer for a diagnosis is in your future.

I ended up going into the menu option in the control console and I turned it off and back on to reset it. It works once again. Thank you.

I have the same vehicle. My remote start stop working. I had to take it to the dealer to get it repaired. I can search for the receipt to find out what they did and what the cost was.

One of my key fobs does not work with the remote starter. It sets off the panic button rather than starting the car. The other one works. I have to check to see which one I have. This is not repairable. My fobs were not working for the basics like opening the door. I got parts from keylessfix dot com. But the people there said the contacts can be repaired but not the circuitry.