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Starting/ignition issues

Hello All

I have a 2005 Dodge ram 1500 Hemi that has had starting issues for over a year. After sitting for over 30 minutes, it will crank like it is flooded. If I lightly put pressure on the accelerator, it fires right up. It happens with regular or mid grade gas…but seems to happen more when at 1/4 tank or less. It starts normal first thing in the morning or after several hours of sitting. Now along with this, when I turn the key in the ignition, there will be a dead pause, then start cranking. Any ideas? Fuel pump and ignition switch? I’m running out of patience and answers. Thanks, Scott.

first thing I would check all my electrical connections and any hoses going to the fuel tank.

Do you think that the ribbed tubes of the fuel pump assembly could be damaged letting air into the fuel line? friend commented on that. It is going to dodge dealer monday for the ignition…thought i would have this issue looked at as well

I would put a fuel pressure gauge on it. I would do a basic check and then watch what happens to it on a hot shut down. What kind of air temps are we talking about?

Are you ever smelling any fuel when it is cranking & not starting?

It seems to do it more in warm weather like we have had this week. dont smell any gas, but reall dont pay attention to that…didnt jump out at me. gonna have them do that at dodge. Thanks

The next time you do a hot shut down in warm/hot weather, cycle the key between the run and off positions several times pausing a couple of seconds at the run position. (This is before it cranks, but where all of the dash lights come up). Listen closely while you do this to see if you hear anything like gurgling noises. After cycling the key 5 or 6 times, then crank it. If you hear gurgling and/or the key cycling gets it to start up reliably, then you probably need a new fuel pump.

Thanks for the tip…I will.

I don’t know about the delayed crank but the no start sounds like a IAC problem (idle air control valve) you have an electronic throttle body (fly by wire) system with an IAC on it which unfortunately isn’t service separatley. If It starts great EVERY time you touch the throttle it’s because it doesn’t get enough air. You’ll need a scanner to see the idle air count to determine whether the PCM is trying to open the IAC or not. Used to be we could unplug the IAC in a good (idle) position so It couldn’t close and see if the problem went away. Since you have fly by wire I’m not sure if that shuts down the throttle. Of course you will set codes

that’s the problem…no codes… Ive had the throttle cleaned recently as well…the delayed crank hasnt happen since the temp went down yesterday…turns over with no problem…weird as h*ll.

“Of course you will set codes”

I mean only if you unplug the IAC to test. A stuck IAC without the engine running will set NO codes

I’ll talk to the dealer tomorrow about that…its been a crap shoot wherever I take it…this will be mechanic #6

Hello again,

After 2 unsuccessful attempts with the same mechanic over the last month, and spending nearly 500 bucks in the process, I decided to sell my Rumble bee. Sold it last week and bought a 2012 Ram that is gorgous…and starts perfect. I wasnt going to start as my neighbor put it…chasing shadows over this. Ive been driving for over 30 years, and have had 20 cars in that time period, and never came acrossed a problem like that…and hopefully never will again. Thanks to all for their suggestions on this matter. Gonna have to change my username now.

I have a 99 dakota. The truck wont turn over, headlights/doom lights nothing in side works. But when i open the door the glove boxes starts making a clicking noes ? it happend once before and once i pushed it down a little drive way everything turned back on ? What could cause this problem ?