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2005 Dodge Neon - Flooded plugs

the car has flooded the spark plugs

Tell us year, make, model, engine size and how you came to this conclusion and what the symptoms are and someone here may be able to help.

Hi TCM… Second time you have made a post like this asking the OP for more details on the car. What’s going on? The info is in the title of the post.

The engine size question is pertinent as the 05 Neon had two options. I agree with @tcmichnorth that more information from @Rhonda14 would be helpful

I assume that the engine will not start. The timing belt may have broke, inspect the timing belt and perform a compression test.

All 2005 Neons have a SOHC 2.0 L engine, the SRT 4 has a 2.4 L turbo engine but that is a separate model. With either engine I would first check the timing belt and compression.

@GorehamJ Your right, although more info was needed, I have neglected to look at headers. My apologies.

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