98 dodge neon - oil on all spark plugs and the bottom of spark plug boot

I replaced the spark plug seals

this did not resolve the problem

I think I have a cracked cylinder head

plz help

Oil on the spark plugs does not mean that the spark plugs are fouled if the oil is coming from the valve cover seal leaks. Oil on the spark plug boots shows that the valve cover seals around the spark plug holes are leaking and need replacing. Replace the VALVE COVER seals. What are the “spark plug seals” you replaced? Were they on the spark plugs, or did you pull the valve cover to change them?

I replaced the seals that where for the spark plugs on the valve cover

I did pull the valve cover

I still have oil on the spark plugs

Around the top of each spark-plug hole there is a plastic seal. You need new seals; your local store can probably sell you a set of four. Remove the valve cover, pry the old ones out, pop in the new seals, re-install the valve cover. Sometimes a new valve cover comes with the four seals as well.

i replaced those plastic seals

I still have an oil leak

the oil not leaking from the top of the spark plug well, but at the bottom

on all 4 spark plugs

I think the cylindar block is cracked

someone mentioned that it could be the tubes, but I doubt all 4 would leak at the same time

You pulled the valve cover and replaced the seals around each spark plug hole, right? For there to still be oil leaking into the spark plug hole(s), the valve cover must not be fully down and sealing. Something (a wire, hose), must be caught under the valve cover. You may have to pull the valve cover and try again.

Click on this link for instructions and photographs of the valve cover, and spark plug tube seals, replacement: http://www.autozone.com/servlet/UiBroker?ForwardPage=az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/19/8a/cf/0900823d80198acf.jsp

If the tubes are leaking at the bottom, then the tube needs to be re glued (cemented) back into the head. By chance did someone pull out the tubes? Thats a big time no no.

yes i replaced each seal around the spark plug hole. The valve cover is fully tighened down and there is nothing wire hose etc under the valve cover. there is nothing to try again when it comes to the valve cover

the neon has a cracked head or there is something wrong with the tubes

i cant think of anything else it might be

no one pulled on the tubes
there cemeneted in there
how do you get them out?

most likely a cracked head then if it is not the seals?

A cracked head won’t direct oil to the spark plug tubes. What kind of shape is the valve cover in?

If no one has pulled on, or removed the tubes then assume they are ok, and don’t touch them. Try re fitting the valve cover again. Is the valve cover the black stamped metal flimsy one? I guess its possible the valve cover is bad.

Just looked at a old tube grommet seals I still had. When you replaced the grommet and pushed it on the tube you didn’t push the grommet past the lip on the top of the grommet?

the valve cover is in good shape
so your saying its the tubes
all 4 at the same time?

Seems extremely unlike all the tubes would come loose all at the same time for no reason. Like the others I still say its more likely the valve cover. I would not mess with the tubes unless its 100% certain it is in fact the tubes leaking

i am 100% certain the valve cover and the seals are ok
if its not the tubes either

then what is causing the oil leak?

your installation,back up and punt.and start over.

the install was straight forward

so there is nothing to start over

Take it to a auto mechanic, and have it double checked,

In my previous job, no matter how many times I had done a particular repair, no matter how simple, an inspector was required to inspect it.
Now, there is no inspector. I wish there were. I have to do my own inspecting. Depending on the complexity, and safety potential, of what I work on, I may feel the need to inspect my own work four or five times. It’s better to be sure, than sorry. [As an example, I inspected (proof read) this little paragraph three or four times before I hit the Submit button.]

If you can get someone to inspect the job, s/he just might find the gremlin.