Can't find oil leak

I have a 2002 Dodge neon, that has been slowly leaking oil since I’ve had it. It’s leaking up into the spark plugs through the valve cover gasket, which I’ve replaced twice now. The last time was only a few months ago. Could it just be a faulty part, or does anyone know of some other seal that could cause that problem?

Other possibilities are that the valve covers are distorted, the old gaskets weren’t completely cleaned off, or you’ve overtightened the bolts that hold the valve cover on.

Also, there are seals at the bottom of the spark plug wells. These seals must also be replaced, and are most likely the source of your troubles.

if the oil is leaking up through the spark plug holes, and NOT around the sides of the head, then the orings on the bottom of the spark plug ‘housings’ need to be replaced. Did you do that when you replaced the gaskets? They came in the same sleeve the big gasket came in.

If the oil is leaking from around the sides of the head then i would surmise the head is warped.

assuming you changed the orings, did you use some oring grease to help stick them in the indentations where they are supposed to stay while inverting the head for installation? it is not unheard of for them to ‘fall out’ while turning the head over to install it. doh, BTDT