2005 Dodge Durango stalling

I have a 2005 Durango that has had more issues than the Kardashians! Desperate for a solution as I have had it to 7 mechanics and still having problems. Started stalling out only a few days after I bought it (June 2010). Replaced EGR valve.Throttle body service. Back to the dealer several more times–couldn’t find problem. Stalling, revving, hard shifting, hesitating, lack of power progressively worsened. Transmission rebuilt in Jan 2012, bell housing leak and repair in June 2012, torque converter clutch, water pump, idler pully, fuel injector, coil, vacuum sensor, air intake sensor, knock sensor, PCV valve, plugs and wires, and probably a few others I can’t recall all addressed at one point or another. Continues to stall (often at shift changes, and at any speed from start up to 40 MPH), revs in park and at a stops, hesitates, hard/ delayed shifting, and doesn’t like wet conditions. Am at a loss for a solution at this point and vehicle is just danged dangerous to drive as it stalls at the most inopportune times!! HELP!!!

It’s not only you.

Thanks for the link. Will see if this was ever checked.


“more issues than the Kardashians”

They are LOSERS

Please don’t bring this wonderful forum down to their level, by mentioning them

Thank you