97 dodge dakota v6 magnum....Stalling

I have a 97 dakota,127,000 miles Iput in new plugs,ignition wires,distributor cap and rotor…Still stalling,replaced ignition coil,replaced corroded wires to computer,replaced oil breather,cleaned pcv valve…Stalling after about 15 to 20 minutes of driving after initial startup.I then took the truck to a dodge service center,was informed it had vacuum problems,which I then paid them for to have repaired,truck ran great the rest of the day.The next morning on the way to work it started stalling again,I took it back to the service center where it now sits.I get no check engine lights when this happens,and was told at the service center that no codes are appearing…HELP

what about the egr valve

that too has been replaced…thanks for your reply