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Should I buy a 2005 Toyota Corolla today ? HELP!

2005 corolla with 119,000 Miles for $3,000 … body looks good. thinking of looking at it today. its for the wife, mostly driving to school.

If you rush into things, rather than taking the time to look at the vehicle’s maintenance history, you could well be buying a car that has had little or no maintenance for the last few years. If the car’s maintenance history looks okay, then you should have it inspected–BEFORE purchase–by an independent mechanic (not a chain-run store).

If you rush into the purchase of a 13 year old car without doing what I have suggested, you will likely be back here in this forum in a few weeks/months with questions about how to deal with a serious mechanical issue.

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You didn’t specify the trim level or options. I picked the LE with safety options and in clean condition. A private sale is worth about $2600 and a dealer sale is about $4000. If it is a higher trim level, it could be worth more.

Mostly price depends on condition. For a 14 year old car, you really should have a prepurchase inspection. If the current owner refuses, it’s a good bet that he is hiding something. The price isn’t low enough to take a chance. Don’t buy today.

its a LE, power windows ext … I believe the CE has manual windows.

This is a Craigslist item I suspect. Or better known as the place to unload vehicles that are not worth the asking price. No one on the web can tell you if you should buy it. We can’t see it or drive it . If you don’t want to spend the 100.00 to 125.00 to have it inspected then at least take a friend along who might have a clue if you should run from it.

Test drive it and give it a thorough inspection if you haven’t already. At that price, it should be in excellent condition with no body problems and no needled repairs. Look inside the trunk and under the hood. The tires should have a lot of life left. There should be no suspension issues, and a test drive will show that. If you still like it, arrange for a prepurchase inspection for early this coming week. If it sells in the meantime, don’t worry. There will be other cars. It isn’t priced so low that you need to hurry.

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thank you!

dealers are closed on sunday in MN. cant go to DMV also. yes you can buy a car private party on sunday. how long has seller had car? i seem to always catch the seller off guard when i ask.

looks like its already at a shop … just needs hub caps … it looks ugly, that’s for sure, just need it to be reliable. we were looking at a 2011 Kia Elantra as well

Here’s another vote for a pre-purchase inspection. It could save you from buying a car with expensive issues.

If you want a reliable car, you really need to go higher than $3,000.

I always like to shop for crs in a repair shop. 1) The usually have a lift. 2) a mechanic can more often answer my questions. 3) I like to buy cars the shop bought from a customer, depending on the circumstances.
I am a former mechanic and bodyman, so i like to hang out in shops, and talk to technicians.
Sellers on Craigslist etc often have sective memory. They almost always present a rosy picture of the cars problems. A prime example is the AC “just needs a charge”. If a smechanic said that, my reply would be, “Great, Let’s charge it right here and now.”

The pictures show what looks like rust forming in the rear passenger side rocker panel (look in front of the wheel well). If so, there may be more rust underneath. While $3200 is reasonable for this car in “excellent” condition, if there is rust, it’s not “excellent” anymore. I would just do a thorough inspection underneath to make sure the brake lines/fuel lines/lifting points/axle mounting points/etc are not rusting away.

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Stay away from the 2013 Hyundai Elantra because of engine troubles…the 2011 you are looking at should be fine.Get it inspected first.