2005 Chrysler Sebring won't go above 2500 rpms

I have a Chrysler Sebring 2005
Engine cuts out at 2500 spurts stutters can’t go above 35 mph…
But still runs… No cruise available will not come on… Engine light on… Which I guess from what I read is normal In “limp mode”
Got it home… Shut it off… Starts back up… I’m thinking cam/crank shaft sensor? Both of those are new… And an ECM all from a prior problem… Or fuel pump.?? Not enough pressure to keep up with demand…

A weak fuel pump is a strong possibility, but then again, it is possible that you have a clogged catalytic converter. And, of course, there might be other causes.

But…why guess?
Take the car to a parts retailer (Autozone, Advance Auto, possibly Napa), and ask them to read the trouble codes that have been stored by the car’s OBD system. They will do this w/o charge. Then, come back to this thread and post the exact numerical trouble codes (also called DTCs)–not the interpretation that the guys at the parts store might give you.

If we have the exact trouble codes, we might be able to prevent you from throwing parts at the problem, at random.

Take VCD’s advise…Your car is trying to tell you what is wrong. Listen to it!



Accelerator pedal position sensor

Throttle position sensor

Just throwing some ideas out there

Get those codes read first