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Engine issues over 40 MPH

I am on my 3rd engine in this car (known issues unfortunately) and for the past few weeks have had problems with the engine feeling like it is quickly cycling through normal and ‘losing pressure’ at MPH over 40 when gas is going into the system. Mechanic replaced oil pressure sensor but problem recurred on next drive and AC cooling went out at the same time. Any ideas?

Not at the moment. Help us understand. How many miles are on the engine, what year Sebring, what engine is in it, and since you put it in quotes, what does “losing pressure” mean?

Why did the mechanic replace the oil pressure sensor?

I too put this very high on the ambiguous scale. At least an 8 out of 10, I think. The central issue is here: "quickly cycling through normal and ‘losing pressure’ "

  • that doesn’t actually say anything.

sorry for the delayed response, it is very hard to describe. It is a 2002 Sebring with the 2.7 L engine that is known to have problems, so one question always comes up about whether it is the engine itself or a peripheral. At speeds higher than 40 miles per hour, you can hear and feel the engine having normal ‘pull’ and then a lack of ‘power’ and it goes back and forth about once every second. Currently we are looking at the fuel filter as a candidate since it seems that it happens when there is greater demand for fuel. They replaced the oil pressure sensor because they thought that was the problem. After making them ride with me in the car to experience the problem, one concern was misfire versus fuel filter. Does this make more sense?

Actually no. Who is working on this car? A Chrysler dealer, a good mechanic, or the handyman down the street? Oil pressure sensor makes no sense to me as it seems completely unrelated to the symptoms.

You might be looking at a transmission problem given the symptoms you describe.

Check engine light on or flashing? Get the error code(s)

I would:

Look at the spark plug condition, do a compression test, fuel pressure test…

Well, the fuel filter replacement helped…at first. Now it is an intermittent problem still occurring at or above 40 mph when you are giving gas, not when coasting. I will ask them about compression and fuel pressure tests. Are there any speed sensors that might be involved?