2005 Chrysler Pacifica - looking for Freon port

a/c not cooling. need location of freon port for refilling freon.

Wayne , AC repair is not really a do it yourself project . And if you have to ask then you should not be doing it. Find a local shop and let them do it properly with their recovery machine so you don’t pollute the air we breathe .


If you can’t identify the service ports, you aren’t the man for the job.


You haven’t even verified yet that the refrigerant is actually low. Here’s another vote to go to an A/C shop.


That’s the issue I have with TV commercials regarding A/C work. They make it appear as if every problem is simply a low refrigerant level and anyone who can connect a can is guaranteed a positive result.
Never mentioned is the failed repair, trashed components, potential injury factor, or why the system is possibly low in the first place.

Not familiar with the Pacifica but the port is likely buried near the firewall on the passenger side as most vehicles are. If you absolutely, positively, must go into this venture then wear gloves and goggles as frostbite or total blindness can occur in a few seconds if an incident occurs; meaning refrigerant discharge.


The caveats about not exceeding your knowledge and abilities apply. Wear eye and hand protection. Don’t just blindly add refrigerant as that may not be the problem at all. Your car has a rather complex HVAC system.

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