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2005 Chrysler Pacifica - CEL

check engine oil light comes on when car stops and goes odd when car goes and comes on riding down the road . the oil level is full.

Most auto parts stores will read the codes for free. Please do that and post the codes in this thread. Codes will be in the format of: P0123

Replace the oil pressure sending unit.

Agree, but have the actual oil pressure checked with a proper gauge to make sure the oil pressure is not too low at idle.

Are you referring to the oil PRESSURE light?

If this is a low oil pressure light, then you need the actual pressure tested with a gauge, as Mustangman says. Low oil pressure can kill an engine, so don’t delay.

You read too quickly. This isn’t a check-engine light.

Yup, my bad!

To be fair, the post says CEL in the title for some unknown reason

And, the first four words of the post are “check engine oil light” so what they are asking is as clear as mud.