2005 Chrysler town and country oil light

Hey all, I am about an hour and a half from home at my cousins when my oil light came on. It only comes on when I have come to a complete stop. Once I accelerate it goes away. I checked the dipstick and it is full. Here is my question: what do you think this could be and would it be safe to drive home to my trusted mechanic. The car has 160,000 miles on it. Thank you!

Oil pressure sending units are a common failure on Chrysler products. it is doubtful your engine is actually failing. You could have the oil pressure sending unit replaced for less than $100 or drive it as is to your mechanic.

Have you checked the oil to make sure it’s not low? I’ve had the same thing happen on my van.
If not low oil, a quick check is to shift to neutral when you come to a stop and see if the light goes out. The slightly higher rpms should make the light go out if it’s the sending unit as @Nevada_545 pointed out.
Oftentimes the sending unit leaks oil as another symptom.

"Have you checked the oil to make sure it’s not low?"

FYI: The Original Post by Autiemom2177 Said , "I checked the dipstick and it is full."

@“common sense answer” Thanks for pointing that out. Oversight on my part.

When the sending units on Chrysler products go bad, the usual failure is like this.

Start the car cold and oil light come on full bright. Shut off engine and restart and oil light gos off and acts normal for the rest of the day until next cold start. Most likely to happen in winter.

What the OP describes sounds like his oil pressure is dropping too low at idle. Car should be fine to drive home.

It may be a combination of causes. Worn bearings at 166,000 miles, oil diluted by short trip driving, or too low an idle speed.

If you live in a cold weather climate you may be guilty of following the “normal” oil change schedule rather than the severe one. I always changed the oil at 3000 on my minivans because I live near Buffalo NY.