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2008 Prius: Why does my radio stop when I turn off the engine?

Is this common with all hybrids/electric cars? Or have I just not set something correctly?

This is one of those things that should be covered in your manual or you can play with the menu on your radio .

So you don’t drain the starting battery.

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Some brands leave the radio on, and some turn it off. GM vehicles leave the radio on for several minutes or until you open the door. We’ve had 3 Honda’s since 2005, and all of them turn the radio off when the ignition is turned off.

press on your “start” button once, without touching brake pedal, you will get into Accessory mode, where the radio will work, while the rest of the car will not

Prius is trying to prevent your AUXILIARY (12 volt) battery from draining, so it turns the radio off in OFF mode.

Prius starts engine from the high-voltage (AKA “torque”) battery, so you will not be able to drain it, but in order to give the engine command to start, you have to have auxiliary (12V) battery working

What cars don’t turn off the radio like this?

Our Caravan will leave the radio on for either a set period of time or until a door is opened.

GM cars. The radio remained on after shutdown in my 1998 Regal, 2003 Silhouette, 2009 Cobalt and 2010 Cobalt. We can also use the charging ports when the car is off. We can’t do that in the three Hondas that’s we have owned.

The radio stays on for five minutes on both of my Fords. Stay on indefinitely in the accessory position, though my truck will give a warning of potential battery drain if used for a longer period.