2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Radio stays on

my 2019 Trail Boss radio will not turn off when I turn off the truck. It has 2,700 miles on it and has been in the shop at least 3 times for this issue. Naturally it does not happen when the truck is in the shop. I discontinued On Star and Satellite Radio in hopes that maybe that was what was causing the issue. It didn’t help. I was worried the radio on will run my battery down but eventually about 10 min later it turned off by itself.

Stuff like headlight/dome light/radio turn off delay is usually controlled by the Body Control Module. I’m surprised if the dealership hasn’t already ruled it out.

Just to be clear, when you turn off the ignition and open the driver door the radio stays on?

The radio is supposed to stay on when you turn off the key and stay on until you open the door, or about 10 minutes goes by. If that’s what’s happening, it’s normal.


On one of my cars the radio stays on until I LOCK the doors or after 10 minutes without the key in the ignition